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4 ways we can help you

M Consulting provides extensive Support services for our partners including telephone, email and online support.


Our consultants have extensive practice and software experience so they are here to help when you need them.


Our experienced consultants ensure a smooth and planned software implementation so you can focus on the important things on your business.


M Consulting provides a variety training options designed to meet the needs of busy professionals.


For support call us on 2114 0001 or email

How can M Consulting assist you?


MYOB provides business solutions and services designed to deliver optimum performance to your business. These services help you to be more productive and able to deliver quality services to your clients.

Our consultants have practice and business experience, as well as a comprehensive understanding of MYOB software and its use in service organizations. Our consultants will work with you to make sure you get the best, most productive solutions for your business.



Get the best from your people and your technology

M Consulting services are designed to increase your practice productivity and profitability - and add value to your business. They will work with you to implement the most effective workflows and get the best from your software.



Optimize workflows and productivity

MYOB software can be configured to meet your needs. Our consultants will help you harness the power of your software. At every stage we'll ensure your system saves you time and maximizes productivity.



Create high value reports

Create valuable client reports that contain useful information and look great. With a little expertise it takes only a few seconds to produce professional reports - so you can provide high value services with minimum time and cost.



User security

Security is an important aspect for any practice, and with MYOB software you can ensure your practice is protected.

Our consultants will help you set up appropriate security for your practice to make sure only appropriate people have access to relevant areas.




Simply installing new software will only go one step towards unlocking the potential in your practice. We'll work with you to put in place the knowledge, systems and workflows to ensure the outcome you need.


An effective implementation is critical to the success of your system, and we use a planned process that includes:




We work with you to define your needs and outcomes clearly, and answer any specific questions. This enables configuration of your system to meet your requirements, and the deliverables of this phase include:


Documents and checklists that identify exactly how you want your practice to work an agreed project plan and timeline.



Data conversion

We'll convert the information in your practice to MYOB.



Installation, set-up and configuration

We'll implement your MYOB system to maximize its benefits for you. This includes configuring appropriate assignments, templates, security and workflows to your requirements.




We provide comprehensive training to help your teams get the best out of your new software and systems.



Post implementation review

To ensure your software is optimized to your specific requirements and your teams are working productively.



Call Us 2711 9930

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