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MYOB Features at a glance

Track and pay expenses

Create customer quotation, order, invoice, and manage customers

Prepare and print or email sales invoices and statements

User Interface (Traditional Chinese & English)

Operating System

Bank reconciliation

Cost centre tracking

Job budgeting, profitability and expenses reimbursement

Manage multiple currencies

Print vouchers

Customize forms & reports

Create multiple item prices and assign to customers

Multiple location for inventory

Manage inventory levels and back orders

Manage item list

Export reports to PDF, Microsoft Excel ®

Customized reporting including filters

Management & financial reports

Record timesheet

Track billable or non-billale times, and create invoice automatically

Self-managed local backups

Secure password protection

Manage user permissions

Multi-user access

Print tax returns and payroll reports

Calculate and record MPF contributions

Different payroll categories such as wages, MPF, deduction, entitlements

Pay employees based on their timesheet

Process pays hourly, daily or a fixed salary amount

Record and process payroll

Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

Mac OS X

Inventory Management

Business Accounting


Professional Time Billing

Access and Support

Payroll Management

Tax forms generated comply with IRD format

(Traditional Chinese & English Form: IR56B, IR56E, IR56F & IR56G)

Tax form IR56B text output is generated as an XML file

English Only

Bi4Cloud (Monthly Subscription)

abss Web Store (Monthly Subscription)

Business Insights

Payroll Management

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