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What the educators say

Here’s a list of recommendations MYOB products have received from our education partners:



Schools of Continuing & Higher Education

“The convenient setup procedures allow one to get started fast. MYOB’s simple design imitates the way transactions are made, making it the most easy-to-use accounting software I’ve ever seen.”–Veronica Ma, Senior Lecturer, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education.


“What sets MYOB apart from others lies in its combination of helpful support service and a powerful product at an affordable price. And unlike other software, no posting is required in MYOB, allowing users to generate error-free reports.”–Lindy Yau, Principal, Hong Kong School of Commerce


“MYOB is a comprehensive accounting tool that is designed to meet local needs. Its serves as a low-cost management solution that is useful in propagating the adoption of computerized accounting among local SMEs.”– Alan Young, Principal, Caritas Information Technology Advancement Centre.





“MYOB is increasingly recognized in the industry, particularly among local SMEs. Learning MYOB can surely enhance students’ competitiveness in the job market.”– Teresa Choi, Senior Lecturer, Division of Commerce, City University of Hong Kong.



Secondary School


“The reason we chose MYOB is that it provides training for real-life application of recording business transactions and generating financial reports. Students found the package easy-to-use and powerful.”– Joyce Kwan, Panel Head of Principles of Accounts, Leung ShekChee College.

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