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MYOB ABSS Premier Plus

MYOB automatically conducts all the double entries for corresponding transactions and keeps track of important business information for you. All MYOB products were develop to provide SMEs with a financial and business management solution that takes care of inventory, job management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and all critical business needs with a minimal learning curve.

English, Traditional Chinese interfaces & data input

  • Flexibility working with MYOB under English and Traditional Chinese environm



Manage sales and purchases

  • Easily enter quotations, sales orders and invoices for items, services and time

  • Quotation can be connected into orders/invoices with a mouse click

  • Simplify the process of customer payments and refunds

  • Various sales analysis breakdown by customers, salesperson and products




MYOB Forms

  • Customize invoices, purchase orders, cheques, statements, mailing labels and packing slips

  • Insert scaled graphics on forms e.g. company logo




Monitor inventory levels and profit margin

  • Keep track of what you buy and sell, how much you have on hand, and where it is




Quickly view your financial position

  • View the following information and more at a glance

  • Accounts details (bank account, credit card balance and more)

  • Customer analysis (e.g. Outstanding and overdue receivables)

  • Inventory turnover

  • Profitability




Handle foreign currency transactions

  • Record transactions and track bank accounts held in foreign currencies

  • Keep track of realized and unrealized exchange rate gains and losses




OfficeLink – MS Excel

  • You may export MYOB reports to MS Excel.OfficeLink gives you the flexibility for more in-depth customized analysis. By putting all your data into one single, integrated database, you will be armed with this better information to build better relationships, make better decisions, and realize better results.





OfficeLink – MS Word

  • Export MYOB data to MS Word with OfficeLink to generate thank you letter, invitations, promotional letters questionnaires, collection letter or mailing labels to market your products and build better customer relationships.





Password protection controlling data access

  • With unlimited number of password-protected user accounts,

  • Control which screens, reports, and menu items each user has access to, ensuring sensitive business information remain discrete.



Everything you need to manage payroll

  • Record and process payroll

  • Record employees's details

  • Process pay hourly, daily or a fixed salary amount

  • Pay employees based on their timesheets

  • Support various payment methods including Cash and Cheque

  • Different payroll categories such as Wages, MPF, Deductions, Entitlements, and Expenses to meet different payroll needs

  • Calculate and record MPF contributions

  • Print tax returns and payroll report e.g. IR56B

  • All tax forms have been updated to comply with the IRD HK f ormat. Changes have been made to the Traditional

    Chinese and English forms: IR56B, IR56E, IR56F and IR56G.

  • The IR56B text output file is now generated as an XML file.

  • The IR56G form has been updated. Previously, the "Seconded to" field on the form would display the details of the

    future employer if you selected the Expatriate option when t erminating an employee, and you filled in the details of

    the future employer in the Taxes view of the Payroll Details tab.

  • In the new form, "Secondment" is a checkbox and it will b e selected when the Name of Future Employer or Address

    of Future Employer fields are completed, regardless of the Leaving Hong Kong Reason option selected in the Termination details window.




Main Features

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